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BILL CALLAHAN DATES & SHIRTS IN THE STORE http://judsonclaiborne.com/bill-callahan-dates-shirts-in-the-store/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/bill-callahan-dates-shirts-in-the-store/#comments Thu, 26 Sep 2013 22:20:59 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=711 It’s with great excitement that I write this..I’ll be playing a couple of dates out west with Bill Callahan just before Thanksgiving!  He’s a writer of beautiful and strange songs that have shaped my work substantially, pachaw!  Also, if you like t-shirts of the Judson Claiborne variety, troll the store page for new fashions..!

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NEW RECORD IS OUT! http://judsonclaiborne.com/new-record-is-out/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/new-record-is-out/#comments Wed, 31 Jul 2013 00:04:56 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=660 and here is a stellar review of the thing..Get it here!

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ALBUM TRAILER! http://judsonclaiborne.com/album-trailer/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/album-trailer/#comments Fri, 21 Jun 2013 19:25:43 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=588 Our new record We Have Not Doors You Need Not Keys comes out July 23 on In Store Recordings & La Societe Expeditionaire!  Our good buddy, Fred Koschmann put together this ALBUM TRAILER for us.  Please take a peek..!


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NUEVA 7″ OUT NOW!! http://judsonclaiborne.com/nueva-7-out-now/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/nueva-7-out-now/#comments Tue, 28 May 2013 03:40:32 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=582

On June 1st, In Store Recordings will release a 7″ of Neo-Pagan Lovesong from out forthcoming LP.  It’s on HOTT WHITE VINYL and includes the jam, “Seeing Eye Ponies” on Side B.  Sex and Service Animals, all on one record!! It costs $6 American dollars from the In Store Recordings Online Store.  ADDITIONALLY you can buy it as a bundle with a handsome t-shirt (design pictured) for $15, on ginger or natural!

In Store Recordings Online Store





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http://judsonclaiborne.com/572/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/572/#comments Mon, 04 Mar 2013 21:06:01 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=572 This week we’re releasing a single called Neo-Pagan Lovesong from our forthcoming LP.. It’ll be free for a couple of weeks on our BANDCAMP PAGE .. After that, it’ll probably cost a wet dollar bill..So please take, listen, enjoy, and make out with each other..

In addition to the digital single, Psychic Mule Records is releasing a cassette maxi-single EP thing which includes a remix of Neo-Pagan Lovesong, two live versions of new songs recorded on WDVX in Knoxville, TN, and more new, perhaps familiar jams..!  You can order the cassette HERE.

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http://judsonclaiborne.com/548/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/548/#comments Sun, 17 Feb 2013 23:39:30 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=548 Keep a watchful eye if you so desire, because the JC band is releasing a single from our forthcoming record next Tuesday, Feb 26th.  Additionally, we’ll be touring to SXSW and back via Chicago March 9 – 23!  If you’re down there getting a pecker tan and drinking whatever free kid rock captain morgan sauce at 11 am, come by and see us play beneath some awning covered in ray ban, napa auto parts, and monster energy logos..It’ll be a crazy time, perhaps..Let’s share it..confirmed sxsw appearances and tour dates will be added to the TOURS PAGE…!

xo xo xo – Jud

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Mossy AND Husky! http://judsonclaiborne.com/mossy-and-husky/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/mossy-and-husky/#comments Tue, 23 Oct 2012 16:49:52 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=507 This weekend!! Shows!! Friday in Olympia, WA at Il Forno and Saturday in Vancouver, BC with Australian band Husky!!

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HAMBURGER NEEDS NO HELP http://judsonclaiborne.com/hamburger-needs-no-help/ http://judsonclaiborne.com/hamburger-needs-no-help/#comments Fri, 03 Aug 2012 04:14:45 +0000 http://judsonclaiborne.com/?p=475 We’re done with our record and thinking it’ll come out in Spring 2013! Perhaps there’ll be a cassette maxi single out this winter? Can we talk about Batman? I’d rather talk about Harry Belafonte, but maybe we can see where those two guys intersect? But seriously, that Batman movie is some dark limp tool of the man, spray painted cheap matte black, smelling like brainwash and axe body spray. Our band is gonna dip down south for some shows. Come see us play maybe? A L S O exciting to be opening for Blues Control, My Brightest Diamond, & Shearwater this fall..I hope y’all are well..be good..xo xo xo

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